"My new website was lacking something... then it came to me. A professional website header was required."

"But then I had a new problem... Where could I find high quality website headers? Should I get someone to make one or use a template and try making one myself?"

Website headers (website banners) are an essential part of any modern website. They are the first thing a website visitor sees when they land on your website and a high quality website header just screams professionalism.

So we decided to review the many header template options out there. After looking at 1000s of header template websites we found that most of the free ones containes absolute garbage and most of the paid sites offered templates that were quite good quality but very expensive. That being said, we managed to narrow down our list of good header template providers to the following top three:


300Headers.com gets a Five Star review


  • Professionally designed website headers
  • Easy to modify - add/remove/change any images and/or text
  • Bulk 235Mb package (300+ templates)
  • PSD file included (used with Photoshop, Gimp etc.)
  • JPG file also included FREE (used with any graphics editor even MS Paint!)
  • Lots of choice, can mix and match graphics and text
  • No licensing requirements, use on all websites
  • Able to resell one or all designs
  • Bonus 25 header templates (both .psd and .jpg)
  • Inexpensive, 300+ templates for less than the price of one elsewhere
  • Discount for recommending them on Facebook or Twitter


  • 235Mb package is difficult for slow internet users to download

Visit: 300Headers.com

Website Headers (review of static headers only)
3.5 Star review


  • Very professional, custom designs
  • Able to be used on commercial projects
  • Animated headers available (for extra $$)


  • No revisions to designs, unable to be revised by you later (revisions extra $$)
  • No .psd, .jpg only (PSD extra $$)
  • $35 for one static header


Free Web Page Headers
Three Star review


  • FREE
  • Lots of choice, many categories


  • Mostly low quality, cropped photographs
  • No text or other graphics on 99% of designs
  • No .psd, .jpg only
  • Not able to be used on commercial websites (Creative Commons License)



Website Headers
Free Web Header Templates

We hope our reviews are useful to you and as a thank you we would like you to have a free website template just for visiting our website (both .psd and .jpg included). Good luck with your website building!

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